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The TV Obsessive Podcast Episode 42: News, Notes & Constellation Episode 7

Bud in a winter hat, looking downwards
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This week, on The TV Obsessive Podcast, Caemeron and Ryan break down Constellation S1E7, “Through the Looking Glass.” But first, in the news:

Magnus in the snow on the phone
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On Constellation S1E7, “Through the Looking Glass”

Picking up right where Episode 6 left off, Episode 7 switches back and forth between the two different main worlds of Constellation. The two Alices find the “other” run-down cabin and enter the same cupboard, where they see each other in the mirror and are able to talk through the tape recorder. 

The Alices figure out that Jo is in the wrong reality and doesn’t know how to return to the right one. Jo finds the cabin with the Alice who does not speak Swedish and carries her to safety after the lamp got knocked over and set the cabin in Jo/Alice’s world on fire. 

Jo attempts to revive Alice after some smoke inhalation and tells the Alice from her original world to return to her father. 

Henry, Frederic and Magnus arrive at the cabin with the police, believing Jo kidnapped Alice, and Jo is taken away to somewhere unknown. 

Henry and Bud switch bodies, allowing Henry to call 911 to save Paul, but this leaves Bud back in his original world, where the CAL device is now left out in the snow near the cabin.

In the hospital, Alice has a vision where Irena/Valya offers to take her to her mother. Alice wakes up and tells Magnus that they have to get Jo back from Irena.

  • How many realities are at play? (And a mea culpa)
  • How do we think about the cabin(s)?
  • Bud and Henry trading places
  • What’s the role of the CAL? Does it “explain” everything?
  • Thoughts about Lewis Carroll
  • The Hugo Simberg paintings
  • What’s up with The Valya/Irena?

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