The New Watchmen Trailer Brings Us Closer to Doomsday and a New Series

But does it still feel like Watchmen?

The first teaser from HBO's new Watchmen series

The first trailer for HBO’s new Watchmen mini-series dropped today, ticking down to something new in the Watchmen universe:

I don’t know about this one. There’s a lot going on with it and while there’s definitely some cool visuals, something about it just feels off. The Watchmen I remember is visually dark and chaotic. The new trailer just seems… clean. It’s lacking the edge of the much-maligned Snyder Watchmen or even the griminess of the original comic. Plus, it all just feels too modern. The pseudo-retro-futurism of the originals were part of the charm to me, and I’m not really seeing that anywhere.

Maybe they’re going for a change of pace, trying to separate themselves from the source material and create something new. But then why have it be Watchmen at all? The font, Rorschach masks and references to the Doomsday clock seem to be the only real parallels at this point, and those feel more like a reference to Watchmen rather than a continuation.

Of course, it’s also way too soon to tell and they may yet pull some pretty cool twists on us before its release this Fall on HBO.

So, what do you think? Am I just missing the point? Or does this feel a little strange to you too?

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Written by Sean Mekinda

Sean Mekinda is a fan of all things auteur and weird. He's currently one of the hosts of Beating a Dead Horse, a podcast all about death in media. The first movie he remembers loving is The Iron Giant. The first movie he remembers hating is Alien VS Predator Requiem. He currently lives in Columbus, Ohio with his girlfriend and two needy huskies.

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  1. I’d agree – this doesn’t feel like Watchmen. Or the Doomsday Clock television series. Not impressed, yet.

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