Winning Time Is Cancelled and We’re Sad About It: The TV Obsessive Podcast Episode 14

Kareem confronts Magic on the court, pointing a hand towards Magic's chest in the Winning Time finale
Photograph by Warrick Page/HBO

After weeks of hope that the show would go on, Caemeron and Ryan broadcast live from their respective shower floors in sadness about Winning Time being cancelled. Before digging in on the season turned series finale, the pair discuss:

Larry Bird, sitting courtside, glares at the Lakers in the Winning Time finale
Photograph by Warrick Page/HBO

On the Winning Time Series Finale (Season 2 Episode 7, “What Is and What Should Never Be”)

It’s the 1984 NBA finals and the first matchup between these versions of the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics. Each game was a must-watch event for NBA fans as Magic Johnson and Larry Bird battled over seven games. Lakers steal one in Boston. Magic freezes at the end of Game 2, hard foul on Rambis led to a fight, AC game in Boston (Game 5), and then a Game 7 comeback by the Lakers before they eventually lose to Boston. Meanwhile, Jerry Buss deals with the threat of a massive palimony lawsuit from Honey, who we remind you does not exist as a real person, though Buss was indeed sued along these lines.

Join us next time on The TV Obsessive Podcast as we begin to each set out our Mount Rushmore of TV episodes, beginning with a choice from Ryan: Lost‘s “Exodus.”

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