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The TV Obsessive Podcast Episode 38: News, Notes & Constellation’s Premiere

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This week, on The TV Obsessive Podcast Episode 38, Caemeron and Ryan dig into the premiere of Constellation. But first, in the news:

Jo, in a spacesuit, looking out the hatch of her pod in Constellation on Apple TV+
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On Constellation Episodes 1–3 (“The Wounded Angel,” “Live and Let Die” & “Somewhere in Space Hangs My Heart”)

While the crew is in the middle of standard quantum physics experiments and spacewalks, something collides with the International Space Station, crippling its systems and life support, killing Paul, and forcing the remaining astronauts to evacuate. 

Three of them are able to escape back to Earth, while one—Johanna “Jo” Ericsson—must remain behind to fix the other escape pod before she can make it back herself. While still there, she begins experiencing some odd visions and hallucinations but is able to make it back to her family—Magnus and Alice. 

In an investigation into the collision, Jo claims a female cosmonaut from the Soviet era hit the ISS and caused the damage. Various space agencies seek to prove her wrong and release themselves from the liability of the damage and the death of a crew member. 

On Earth, Jo continues to not feel like herself and begins noticing things about her life and her family that are different, like she is in a different reality. Meanwhile, one of the quantum experiments that was being conducted in space, managed by Henry Caldera, seems to hold the secret to what exactly happened to Jo and perhaps others who have been in space before her and are suffering from similar afflictions. 

  • Are we dealing with alternate realities?
  • Do we need to know quantum physics?
  • What’s with the pills?
  • Henry v. Bud
  • Thoughts about Irena

Next Time on The TV Obsessive Podcast…

Join us on Friday (March 1) as we talk about Episode 4 of Constellation on Apple TV+.

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