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The TV Obsessive Podcast Episode 39: News, Notes & Constellation Episode 4

Alice in the snowy woods
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This week, on The TV Obsessive Podcast Episode 39, Caemeron and Ryan discuss Constellation Episode 4, “The Left Hand of God.” But first, in the news:

Ryan’s been sucked into the world of Shōgun. Caemeron has some thoughts about the finale of The Floor. The pair chat a bit about The Daily Show.

Jo confronting a German cleaning guy, who is startled
Screenshot/Apple TV+

On Constellation S1E4, “The Left Hand of God”

Jo’s life is becoming increasingly more confusing to her as she does not remember things like her rocky marriage, having an affair with Frederic, and playing piano. Alice also doesn’t seem to remember any Swedish. Alice becomes distant and scared of her mother. Jo seeks counseling and is prescribed lithium pills.

The visions for Jo continue as she sees men cleaning her office out even though they can’t see her. Alice also has a vision of her mother’s funeral, and Paul is there.

Henry Caldera, also trying to convince people his CAL experiment worked, tells Jo about a phenomenon called The Left Hand of God that astronauts who fly in very high altitudes experience. Bud is being investigated for the death of Mr. Rogers on the cruise ship.

Jo is sent a package from a marine observatory in Denmark. It consists of a cassette, a letter and a transcript. It consists of two recordings: one of when Jo was on the ISS on October 15th and another of a female cosmonaut who died in 1967.

Magnus and Jo argue about what to do about Alice, and Alice knocks Magnus over, hitting his head. We don’t see his fate after this, and the episode closes on an ominous painting that is in the cabin in the woods.

  • The opening scene v. other Cabin Scenes
  • How many worlds and how does this hang together?
  • Henry’s whiteboard
  • Skagerrak Marine Observatory
  • Is Hugo Simberg’s art the key to everything?

Next Time on The TV Obsessive Podcast…

Join us on Friday (March 8) as we talk about Episode 5 of Constellation on Apple TV+.

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