American Horror Story Season 9 Theme Revealed…

After months of speculation, we finally know the theme for the upcoming ninth season of American Horror Story with Ryan Murphy announcing the theme himself by posting a brief teaser trailer via his Instagram page. It’s not really what I was expecting but the theme is simply titled “1984″.

Strangely, my first thoughts weren’t of George Orwell’s classic 1949 novel but of the Netflix show Stranger Things. Perhaps Mr. Murphy might be trying to latch on to the decade which is now popular on screen in shows like ST and the recent Bandersnatch episode of Black Mirror. 

The trailer itself has a lot of Friday the 13th vibes about it with it showing us the traditional cabin in the woods scenario complete with a screaming girl running away from a shadowy serial killer. The trailer ends with him thrusting his blade through the cabin door and the girl screaming with us then seeing the new AHS logo and theme. Even the font used is pretty much a replica of the one used in the Friday the 13th franchise titles and I can only assume that this Season will possibly be paying homage to those classic slasher movies.

The mysterious serial killer from the American Horror Story: 1984 trailer

The only cast members we know so far are Emma Roberts and Gus Kenworthy with Evan Peters recently revealing that he won’t be returning for this one. Was his departure a red herring and he’ll be playing the serial killer we see in the trailer but he just won’t be revealed till later in the Season? Who knows. Start your speculation in the comments now and we’ll be sure to bring you more American Horror Story news as we have it.


Written by Martin Hearn

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